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A Mini Guide To Breaststroke Swimming And Its Benefits

Thanks its relatively simplicity, stability and wide accessibility, it’s no wonder that breaststroke is currently the most popular stroke in the UK and the rest of the world. Because the technique entails working your arms and legs in tandem and performing long glides, breaststroke is suitable for swimmers of all levels. Moreover, since it works your limbs pretty hard, the stroke constitutes a great alternative for everyone who’s looking to tone their arms and legs.

The history of breaststroke swimming

The most popular recreational swimming style, breaststroke is a technique believed to have roots in ancient times. In fact, archeologists have uncovered several painting depicting people performing a similar movement near Wadi Sora in Egypt’s famous ‘cave of swimmers’. An interesting fact about this technique is that it was the only stroke allowed during the great plague during the Middle Ages; because the swimmer’s head is out of the water most of times, people back then believed it would limit the evolution of the epidemic.